Matchmaking: we find the right match

We at Source are convinced that each match we make must offer added value to both the professional and the client. We do not deem a match successful, until the skills, mindset, company culture and ambition of both parties correspond. We are not satisfied until our clients and professionals are.


We work with a focus on the needs of our commissioning companies, our professionals and our colleagues and regard for the current laws and regulations. We do this by listening carefully, by applying the right focus and by continually striving for improvement and optimisation. We are always open to suggestions for further improving our services.


Freedom is an important virtue for freelancers and independent professionals You choose your own professional path. However, you will sometimes be faced with difficult choices you might not want to or be able to make alone. Where will you find that ICT project that best matches your knowledge and skills? How can you build your network? What influence do the changing laws and regulations have on your personal situation?

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Hiring flexible staff has ceased to be the exception long ago and offers an important added value: freedom and flexibility. Freedom is the most important motivation for freelancers to do what they do. Flexibility is the most important motivation for commissioning parties to hire them.

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Are you looking for a challenging ICT assignment? Is your ideal project not listed yet? Then check out all listed vacancies or register with Source immediately. Notification: Please check the requirements regarding language within the vacancy. 

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