Our starting point: People, Planet and Profit.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Source is conscious of the impact of our service provision on people and the environment. We do everything in our power to take this into account, on the basis of the principle of the three P’s: People, Planet and Profit.

To operate as sustainably as possible, that is our goal. Therefore, we practice social return, recycling, sustainable mobility and use sustainable products as much as possible.


We attach great value to diversity inside our organisation and diversity among the candidates that we supply to our clients. In our opinion, this naturally includes employees with a disadvantage on the labour market, whom we offer ample opportunities. We operate in a dynamic, international environment that is characterised by a variety of cultures. This cultural wealth is reflected at all levels within our organisation, as we are convinced that staff members with various backgrounds and lifestyles help the organisation forward. The staff members at Source differ from each other in terms of age, country of origin, motivation and life experience and that makes that all of us differ from each other on a personal level. Source takes those diferences into account and in that manner ensures that its staff members can optimally develop themselves and make the best use of their specific qualities. We are an organisation in which everyone immediately feels at home and gets the space to make a difference.


A good work/life balance is very important, which is why Source offers the possibility to work part-time, flexibly and to combine work and care responsibilities. In the mediation of professionals we also strive for diversity. Age, religion and country of origin does not make a difference to us and we are careful to consider whether the company culture of our client suits the selected professional. We are committed to mediation of candidates with a disadvantage in the labour market. In order to realise this, we closely collaborate with suppliers specialised in this area.

We consider it important to contribute to social projects. For example, there have been collaborations with e.g. De Zonnebloem; we have contributed to the anti-bullying campaign ‘Stop Pesten’; the campaign ‘Stop zinloos geweld’ against senseless violence; we have sponsored the local football team for people with a disability for years; and at the moment we support SOS Children’s Villages and a project for drinking water supply in Asia.


In order to be comply with laws and regulations in the area of environmental legislation, we have recorded processes that observe the international ISO14001 standard. We work according to our environmental policy, in which the most important aspects are:

  • Responsible approach to energy, paper, fuel and water;
  • Extensive waste separation;
  • Conscious procurement of products and services;
  • Continual search for improvements to our environmental performance.


When it comes to economic performance, profit is quickly called to mind. However, it is not only important to us what remains on the balance sheet, but it’s also about connection. About long-term loyalty; about recognition and acknowledgement of the value of all our stakeholders. About being transparent and open about our expectations and our goals and about solidarity and joint ownership. That is what we expect from ourselves and what others can expect from Source.