Source has experienced a strong growth. One thing has remained unchanged: the passion and conviction with which we conduct our work.

Source, international and listed

In 25 years’ time, we have grown from a small company with a local focus into an international organisation with locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and a listing on the stock exchange. The market in which we operate is dynamic and in full movement, our clients are extremely diverse and the ICT professionals with whom we work are inspiring. Our team is eager, enthusiastic and engaged and distinguishes itself by its open mind. Each day we work very hard together, but we also consciously take out time to celebrate successes. Our Friday afternoon drinks, the summer barbecue and our annual Source team outing are good examples of this.

Source of Inspiration

At Source we conduct our work from our Source of Inspiration, that is our 6 S’s. We operate from the strong conviction that you can only truly do your job well if you work from your passion and conviction. That’s when you enjoy your work, bring out the best in yourself, dare to think out of the box and reach your highest possible result.


Clarity is vital for a pleasant work relationship, and at Source we say what we do, do what we say and honour our commitments. We do this by expressing and testing expectation before we get started.


Source is certified in various fields and works in accordance with NEN4400-1, which means we guarantee that commissioning parties have no risk whatsoever regarding recipients’ liability. We are regularly audited, both internally by our Quality Manager and externally by independent parties. We attach great importance to ensuring that the hiring process runs without any worries or risks.


We offer reliability, integrity and a focus on quality as a priority. We respect each other, each other’s points of view and believe in the power of collaboration.


‘Never a dull moment’. In addition to all that hard work, we are and remain considerate towards each other, pat each other on the back when something goes well, offer support when there is room for improvement and don’t forget to laugh together.


We work with a focus on the needs of our commissioning companies, our professionals and our colleagues and regard for the current laws and regulations. We do this by listening carefully, by applying the right focus and by continually striving for improvement and optimisation. We are always open to suggestions for further improving our services.

Speed & Creed

We fulfil over 90% of the requests within 48 hours and guarantee timely payments. Contracts are not prepared tomorrow, but today. We do not see obstacles in the way, we see challenges on our way.