A MSP is more than a combination of matchmaking and contracting.

What can Source offer your organisation?

We do what we’re good at and where our passion lies: taking away your cares. That means that we function as an extension of the HR department and meet your needs with a customised framework agreement. As a Managed Service Provider we can take a lot of work off your hands: recruitment of the right professionals, drawing up job profiles, monitoring the performance of the hired professionals, managing suppliers and negotiating existing contracts. Source thinks and acts on a corporate level; we know what goes on in- and outside your organisation and especially what is going to happen. A good example of this is the changing legislation; the new Dutch Work and Security Act. We proactively respond to these changes and, if desired, we offer advice on the (re)organisation of HR processes.

Whatever we do, we do it transparently. As commissioning party you have access to all information: insight in the margins, the procurement and the sales. We draw up reports that provide insight into savings on corporate recruitment, gain shares, the commencement and termination date of contracts, the procurement and sales of suppliers and their performance. You determine what you wish to have insight in, when you wish to have access and the frequency. Now, that’s what we call tailor-made business intelligence.

The benefits of MSP

  • Cost-saving
  • Better management of your external staff
  • Fully customised solutions
  • One framework agreement and a central point of contact
  • Outsourcing of Risks
  • Full transparency
  • International experience
  • Extension of your HR department
  • Insight into hiring and cost-savings


We work with a focus on the needs of our commissioning companies, our professionals and our colleagues and regard for the current laws and regulations. We do this by listening carefully, by applying the right focus and by continually striving for improvement and optimisation. We are always open to suggestions for further improving our services.

Florine Onderwijzer

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