About Source Group N.V.

Source Group is the listed parent company of a group of subsidiaries that are focused on contract management of external staff and mediation of predominantly ICT professionals. The core activities of the company are: mediation for hiring of external staff (outsourcing of the hiring process), contract management, and matchmaking, predominantly for multinationals and semi-public authorities.

The group is based in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. As from 2010, the company is listed on the stock exchange NYSE Euronext Amsterdam under the name SOURC. Source Group is known in the market under the name ‘Source’. Since May of 1999, Source has operated as a specialist in contract management and matchmaking and facilitates organisations, professionals, freelancers, highly skilled migrants and foreign freelancers alike. Source brings companies and ICT professionals together, takes care of the entire hiring administration, consults on laws and regulations and minimises risks, including recipients' liability and risks relating to legislation on labour. Over 1,700 professionals are already working for clients through Source on a project basis, varying from large companies to various governmental organisations.

On the basis of the aforementioned view, Source Group aims to become the leading provider of one-stop-shop service provision in the international flexible labour market. Source Group aspires market leadership by making people the central focus and committing to maximal customer and employee satisfaction.