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Source in a nutshell

In addition to matching the right ICT professional to the right job, Source also takes care of the entire hiring process: from drawing up the contract to the hour administration and the payment of the hours. At source you are Always taken care of, as a professional, as a supplier and as a client!

Risk-free hiring in a transparent and personal manner, that is Source.

Source matches professionals with clients

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Imagine the following situation: a workday without racking your brain about contracts, payments, work permits or other matters relating to the hiring process. Utopia? Not exactly, Source makes it possible. That way, you can fully focus on your core business.

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The right ICT professional for the right assignment. That sounds easy enough, but it certainly is not. Each 'match' is preceded by a thorough selection process. Source explores the needs of the commissioning parties and those of the professionals, on order to offer as much added value as possible to both parties.

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A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is more than a combination of matchmaking and contract management. From an MSP solution, Source takes over the entire hiring process and further optimises it. We guarantee finding the right professionals, arranging the contracts and the administrative handling, taking care of timely payments and minimising the hiring risks.

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